Restoration of our church organ is now complete!

(See new photos at bottom of page)
The restoration project began with dismantling on Feb. 4, 2014 by David E. Wallace Organ Restoration, Gorham, ME.  Organ RestorationOur organ was built in 1890 by Woodberry & Harris in Boston, MA. and it was last restored in 1960.  Age, dust, humidity and temperature extremes have taken their toll on the wood, leather and delicate mechanical parts.  Hardly noticed by most in our congregation, the sound from this organ has declined due to air leaks, poor seals and such.  David has excitedly assured us that we will soon enjoy the full and glorious sounds of this instrument.  Pastor Laura has written a detailed and inspiring article regarding the organ restoration for The Messenger-Lent.
Coordinating this project is  - Beverly Henrikson-Killam, Music Committee Chair and the Board of Trustees.   Our church organist is Ken Littlefield

March 26 - 28, 2014 Update

David and his son Nick reassembled the organ over this three day period.  As of Friday, March 28, the assembly is now complete and the instrument is ready for use!  Photos of the final assembly have been added to the gallery below.

March 17, 2014 Update

David and his asst. Gwen, have returned to the church for on-site cleaning.  Wet cloths and a vacuum help to remove the 50 years of dust and dirt in preparation for parts assembly next week.  Photos have been added to the photo gallery below.

March 07, 2014 Update

Ken Littlefield and Fred Gronberg enjoy an on-site visit in Gorham, ME to view the restoration progress.  David Wallace  and his son Nick are wonderful hosts and explain the work completed and the work to be done.  On March 17, 2014, plans are to begin on-site cleaning and assembly preparation at the church.  Parts assembly is on schedule for the weeks following and a planned completion before Easter.  Photos of our visit have been added to the photo gallery below. 

Feb., 26, 2014

(David has sent us the following update on the restoration progress.)
Hi Beverly and All,

I have attached a few more pictures of the restoration work on the Woodberry and Harris organ parts.  The two wind chests are nearly complete. The new table boards are on, drilled, "spidered" and graphited. The pallets have been releathered and the new leather links attached to the pallets. (Sorry for all the technical jargon!)

The new trackers for the Swell division are being made at the present. The pipes are next to be completed. The stoppers will be releathered and all the metal pipes will be cleaned and polished.  We are on schedule and expect to have everything back on time. I will call to set a date so that two of us can come down and spend a day vacuuming and cleaning the interior of the organ and all the parts that are still in the church. I will let you know.
Many thanks to everyone. Spring is only a month away!