On the plane, they fed us dinner, then turned down the lights. A few short hours later, they turned up the lights and fed us breakfast. The sun set as we sat at Logan, and a few long hours later we were blinking into the light of an Edinburgh afternoon.  While the food on the plane was no feast, the days here in Edinburgh have been delicious.

The day we arrived the weather was glorious. The city was clothed in the lush color of green and adorned with flowering trees. Edinburgh has two prominent sections of the city center, aptly named “Old Town” and “New Town”. They are separated by deep valley in which there is a beautiful park. Standing at the edge of the park in New Town, you see the lush green gardens before you, and a dark, towering mountain ledge beyond that, topped with a giant castle, Edinburgh Castle. It is a sight to behold! But that night we were more interested in seeing a traditional Scottish dinner at a local pub and the beds in our hotel room.

When we awoke the following morning, our bright Edinburgh world had chilled by 20 degrees and was covered in a deep, thick fog. Ahh… this is the weather we were told to expect. Fog is full of its own beauty, mystery and wonder; however, it makes it much harder to see the castle on top of the ledge! Still, we ventured out with a wonderful tour guide, Peter, who shared his love of the castles, cathedrals, and courtyards in Edinburgh’s Old Town before delivering us to New Town for lunch. Today my mother and I return to Old Town to tour the palace which is home to King Charles and many monarchs before him when they are in Scotland. Who knows? We may even see the sun return today, along with the very gusty winds which are forecast.

Tomorrow, we hop on a train and make our way to the west coast of Scotland. And Saturday, we will take the ferry to the Isle of Iona. No matter the weather, we will arrive blinking into the wonder of a place we could previously only imagine, and we will discover what gifts God has in store for our stay in this precious, holy place.