All Saints’ Day

Sunday    |    10:00 AM - 11:15 AM (11/04/2018) , Duration: 01:15 Place: Second Congregational Church

Join Us for All Saints' Day

All Saints' Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of November.

All Saints Day is celebrated on November 4 or the first Sunday of November. The ancient church set aside such a festival day to remember martyrs and saints not honored on special days. Today, we often celebrate not only historic figures of the church, but the company of all those baptized who we have known and revered.

This year, as we have done for many years, we will remember the beloved persons in our church community who have died in the past year. We will also invite the gathered church community to share the names of cherished folks who have shaped their lives and now live on in eternal life. By remembering those of the past, the church is inspired to live faithfully as Christ’s disciples in the present.