Blessing of the Animals

Sunday    |    04:00 PM - 05:00 PM (09/27/2015) , Duration: 01:00 Place: Second Congregational Church -Worship Garden

Blessing of the Animals

Blessing of the Animals-09.27.2015For many among us, our pets are among our dearest friends.  In time, we discover that not only do they need us, but we need them.  Their love warms our hearts.

We are greeted by our four legged friends when we arrive home from a long day, and our spirits rise a bit.  Their wagging tails or a friendly nuzzles or silly antics bring us joy.  We talk to our fish or foul friends, as if they understand our happy remarks.  We brush and tend our farm animals daily, and understand their moods better than our own.  Animals are a blessing in our lives, so we will gather for worship in the garden to bless them.

You are invited to join us for this special blessing service.  Bring your pet (on a leash, or in a cage, please) or bring a photo of your pet(s) if they aren’t good at traveling!  If you do not have a pet yourself, you could bring a photo of an animal that you love in the wild, so that we might bless all the animals of the world.

All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small,

All things wise and wonderful, the lord God made them all.