Dirty Sunday – Fall

Sunday    |    07:30 AM - 10:00 AM (11/17/2019) , Duration: 02:30 Place: Second Church Parking Lot

Dirty Sunday.  Meet at the church parking lot at 7:30am.

Dressed in our work clothes, we meet on Sunday morning in the Park House kitchen for coffee, cocoa and doughnuts and will be given a specific work area with a team of others. Families of all ages enjoy time to laugh and talk and even whistle while we work!  When the church bell rings, and our work is complete, it is time to enjoy a hearty breakfast together in Parish Hall and then it's off to worship, dressed just as we started.

Please bring your gloves, rakes, clippers, buzz saws and leaf blowers.  If you are happier in the kitchen, please join the cooks in the kitchen at about 8-8:30 am with an apron in place.