In this time of global pandemic, when all of us are challenged to be isolated, and some of us are challenged to be without work while others are challenged to be overworked, we are celebrating kindness!  Share with us a story of kindness – a kind deed you did for someone else or a kind deed someone did for you!

Fundraising Celebration FAQs

How do I share my kind deed?

Email us at  Send a photo if you can.  Let us know what happened and what inspired this particular kind deed.

To whom can I offer the good deed?

Anyone!  Everyone!  Your mom.  Your sister.  Your Great-Aunt Trudy.  The clerk at the grocery store.  Your next-door neighbor.  And remember, it can be a deed someone else did for you!

How does the church benefit?

We have a donor who wants to celebrate kindness – and the church!  Our donor, call the person a “kindness angel,” has offered up to $2000 to celebrate kindness!  For every kind deed, the “kindness angel” will donate a sum to the church.

How much will the “kindness angel” donate for my deed?

A great question!  With 2 answers!

  • You may let the “kindness angel” decide what gift to give for your deed. This is a generous donor – and a good option!  You need not do anything more after sharing your story of kindness.  To honor your goodness, the donor will give the church $10 or $20 or $50 or more!

  • Or, you can double the kindness! You can challenge the “kindness angel” to give a particular amount if you are also willing to give the challenge amount as a gift to the church. 

What will the funds be used for?

The funds are for our operating budget.  This is a fundraiser and will offset the $3500 we agreed to raise in 2020 to support the ministries of the church.

How will the kind deeds I submit be shared to inspire others?

We are creating a “We Love Kindness” video slideshow to share with you electronically so that you can be inspired by the good deeds we can do when we put our hearts into it!