Worship at Our Church

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The morning church bell calls all to worship in our home!  You will be greeted by our friendly ushers and offered a bulletin, a guide to Children's Messageour weekly Sunday morning service.  Your children can stay in worship with you for the beginning of the service and then they are invited to the front of the church for the Children's Message, before being dismissed to Sunday school.  Our Sunday School students enjoy challenging discussion, biblical teaching, movies and games led by our gifted volunteer teachers.  Classes are dismissed shortly after the end of the worship service and all join together in Parish Hall for snacks, beverage and conversation.

We are blessed to celebrate Worship in The Garden during the summer months.  Join us at our summer early time of 9am in the outdoor chapel at the rear of our property overlooking Stiles pond.  Celebrate weekly communion and our relationship with God amidst the pines and warmth of a summer morning.  At any season, we look forward to sharing our worship service with you!

Our Core Beliefs

We believe that Jesus is God manifest in human form, and is a healer, leader, and teacher who welcomes all.  We believe Jesus is our way of both better understanding God, and of developing a permanent and loving connection to God.

We believe the Holy Spirit of God permeates all life, and is the nature of God that challenges, empowers, encourages and nurtures us.

Ladies in WorshipThe church is a community of people who covenant with God and with one another to provide a safe, loving, and caring environment to worship together, to grow in faith, to support and encourage one another, and to extend support to those in need – both locally and globally.  We believe that it is our responsibility to share God's blessings with others through our financial resources as well as our time and abilities, and to work to provide justice and compassion for all God's children.

We must reach out to all who are interested and welcome them into our church home.

Our Vision

We, the Second Congregational Church of Boxford, are a family of faith gathered together to worship and serve our loving God. Christ is our example and teacher. We strive to imitate his life by loving, respecting and caring for one another.

Our future lies with our children. We will nurture them and guide them by personal example, sound Biblical teachings, and a spiritual education that affirms God’s love. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves as well as our children so that we, like Christ may understand God’s will for our lives.

God has given each individual unique and diverse gifts. We are empowered by the Holy Spirit to use these gifts in the service of God, ministering to those in need for the benefit of all creation.

We covenant with God and with one another to live this vision through our words and by our deeds.