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future community leaders at work As we were cleaning up, people started to walk out and when I looked at the back door, I saw a man standing there. He looked at me, smiled and gave me a thumbs up. Still to this day I can’t tell you why it struck me in the way that it did. There was a known peace between us of what had happened. He received his meal and his scripture and in his own way shown me what it had meant. At that moment he was telling me that today he was going to be ok. Maybe not tomorrow or the next day but today he had been given the tools to find happiness in his life.



Maine Seacoast Mission

Slowly, our world is getting back to normal.  Vacinations are being administered.  We are It is our hope that by June 26, 2021 we will all have had an opportunity to be vaccinated and life will be on its way to getting back to normal.  With that hope in hand, we are planning a youth mission trip to Cherryfield Maine, June 26, 2021 - July 3, 2021.  Having been to Cherryfield several times, we felt comfortable making plans knowing that our work is mostly outside.  We will take on jobs like roofing, skirting and housing repair.  

As we know, Covid19 often disrupts our plans.   If for some reason this pandemic is not as controled as we hoped, we will be asking participants to take a Covid19 test on or about June 23.  We would then require that you quarantine until we leave.  If you happen to come back with a positive result you would have to stay home and your funds would be refunded to you.  Negative results will mean you are set to travel.  Most of our work is done outside helping to keep those we serve as well as ourselves in a safe environment.  

To participate, complete a Registration form.  The cost of the program is $600 and will include your meals and snacks for the week.  A $200 deposit will confirm your participation.  Deposits are due by Monday, February 15, 2021.  We ask that you treat this like any other mission trip.  You will not be able to leave to go to work, or hang with your friends.  We ask that cell phones and other electronics be left at home. 

For more information or if you have any questions, please email Betsey Guest-Natale (  

Please return your completed registration form and deposit to the church by February 15, 2021.

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Some of our recent mission trips:

Pine Ridge:  A Learning and Serving trip to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation working with an organization called Re-Member.  Check out our video presentation:  Re-Member 2019

Manhattan Mission: a mission trip to NYC working with an organization called YSOP.  Check out our video presentation:  Manhattan Mission, NYC 

Maine Seacoast Mission: In the summer 2017 we went to Cherryfield, Maine to work with Maine Seacoast Mission.  Check out our video presentations: Maine Seacoast Mission.