Christian Educ. Ministry

Children's Message

Sunday School

Each one of us has the opportunity to learn new things each and every day. Whether it be from taking formal classes or merely experiencing one of life’s everyday simple pleasures, we become knowledgeable and educated in many different ways. Our spiritual growth also comes to us through a variety of experiences. Here at Second Church, we strive to provide stimulating and relevant education programs to all age groups of our church. We focus not just on the children but the whole church through the stories of the Bible, but also have programs for the young and older adults as well. These programs are designed to strengthen our faith and teach us how to love and respect one another – and live a life like Jesus did.


Christian Education Mission Statement

We will nurture our children and guide them by personal example, sound Bible teachings, and a spiritual education that affirms God’s love. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves as well as our children so that we, like Christ, may understand God’s will for our lives.

We currently have 60 children registered for Sunday school (pre-K through high school).
 NURSERY: The nursery is clean, bright and safe and is equipped with  speakers for hearing our worship service.   Our nursery coordinator is experienced and responsible for childcare; takes information from new attendees; coordinates volunteers to help her and to comply with Safe Church guidelines;  and communicates with parents, as needed.
 Pre-K through grade 2: We currently have two classes in this age group, a Pre-K and a K-2 class. Nancy Taylor leads a monthly Storytelling class and Kimberly Robertson leads a monthly music and movement class.
 Workshop Rotation: Grades 3 through 6 continue to use a modified workshop rotation format.  We are currently in year III of the rotation, which focuses on the life of Jesus. We are in the processes of changing up the way we do communion, trying to find the right balance; it is given monthly to sixth graders and above.
 Middle School: We are enjoying our own space and can have quite large classes. The curriculum this year includes units on Jesus, Other Religions and Tough Questions.  Discussions are very lively and applicable to their lives.
 Senior High Sunday School for 9th through 12th grade:  Our Senior High Youth Group Sunday School class meets each Sunday morning.  This is the second year of using the curriculum Generation Why by MennoMedia.  This relevant curriculum stimulates great conversations providing an opportunity to study the Bible’s relevance in modern society. On holiday weekends where attendance tends to be low, our senior high youth enjoy “Breakfast with Betsey” (our Youth Director) for food, fellowship and conversations.